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Burpee - Trusted by Generations of Gardeners



Burpee is focused on developing varieties that produce earlier yields, have better taste and grow well in small spaces.


We take great care and pride in supplying seeds that are well suited for both conventional and organic gardens across the U.S. with quality and integrity foremost in mind. For that reason, Burpee has never sold GMO seeds, and we have no intention of doing so in the future.


Burpee Seeds Grow®! Home gardeners have come to trust Burpee’s consistency, reliability and quality for 141 years.


Our displays contain a well-balanced and exciting selection, regardless of your space requirements. Our trained sales representatives make sure your profits per square foot are maximized.


Burpee supports your customers with our growing tips and videos for gardening success. We also support your program through our public relations efforts that generate more media coverage annually than all other home garden seed companies combined!


Burpee-employed merchandisers and in-house sales representatives utilize technology ensuring accurate and timely replenishment.


Burpee has a long-standing history of giving back. Between our outreach to schools, the support of our troops with the Welcome Home Garden and many other programs throughout the year, look for Burpee to be out supporting your community.

Brand Preference

7 of every 10 packet
seed consumers
prefer Burpee†

† Source: ORC International CARAVAN national survey of May 24, 2013

ORC is a leading global provider of market research services.

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